Do you want to bring self awareness and personal growth to your viewers using videos and webinars?


Are you a mental health professional who struggles with the technology and skills to do it yourself?

You have come to the right place!

Hi, I am Natalia Porto, an introvert, geeky, recovering perfectionist, do-it-yourself and minimalist enthusiast with a background in administration and IT. I have a technical support college diploma which helps me communicate technical information easily even if you are not a techy person. I love editing videos and would very much enjoy helping you increase your impact online. See how here  here.
Natalia Porto
My long standing passion for mental health awareness and self care drove me to help mental health professionals reach their viewers using videos, courses and events.  If you are ready to start your next online course, or just want to start posting mental health tips videos on your social media account schedule your FREE 20 minute No Commitment Consultation here or email me at videos at spiderwebcreations dot ca
My Vision

My vision is that mental health challenges and overall wellness are known and understood by everyone – of every ethnicity, class and educational level – so that they are no longer stigmatized,  and are treated in our society with the same respect and compassion as physical health.

My Mission

My mission is to help mental health professionals  (psychotherapists, psychologists, counselors, coaches, meditation teachers, music therapists, spiritually based professionals etc.) who struggle with video skills and technology to  increase the impact on their viewers and online presence through video creation.

More about me:

When I am not working you can find me dancing lindy hop, blues or forró (unfortunately not during covid times! *pouts*), doing crafts like knitting or spinning, painting, drawing, reading, walking in nature, daydreaming in my hammock (in the summer months) or spending time with family.